get out of your own way

What is it you really want to do?  And what is it that you're doing to sabotage it? Because it's one thing to want it.  It's a whole other thing to get it, ascertain it, own it, rock it. I've sat politely, here on my hill, and listened to people tell me why they can't do what they want to do.  The reasons vary, but they  always the same group of things.  Money. Time. But I'm here to tell you what I won't tell my paying guests because I'm too busy being a polite hostess.  Outside of being physically unable to do something, there is no excuse for not moving in the direction of what you really want.

FEAR is the emotion that contracts us into cramped, judgmental shadows of who we really are - and all that judgement?  It's against ourselves, which is the most poisonous, illness-creating type of judgement that there is.  It's like taking life's potential, rolling it up into a ball, and hitting ourselves over the head with it until we can't stand anymore.

You may be accustomed to using fear as silly putty, molding into excuses like "I don't have time, plus I don't have the funds."  But if you've got time to twitter and Facebook for an hour, or look at those soaps or  if you have enough money to get your hair cut every month, you have time and money.  I'm sorry, but you do. You can get your hair cut every six months, or cut it yourself, if you want something bad enough. You can stop buying clothes for a whole year, maybe even more.  There are so many things you can do to scrape together what you need to move foreword in your life towards the goal that lies within who you really are. But first you have to get out of your own way.  You can simplify your eating habits, your TV habits, your expenditure habits. You have to stop listening to advertising and neighbors and well-meaning family and friends and spouses who validate choices that don't help you with your goals. You can believe your own voice before you believe anyone else's.  You can start realizing that you have what it takes to do that thing to which you're drawn.   Because you know everything already about who you really are if you'd only quiet down enough to listen. And when you've finally gotten out of your own way, you will find your soul poking out from behind all of that mental clutter, revealing to you every little thing you already know to be true.

Nothing's easy and everything's easy.

None of the change will get you what you want.  It will put you in the direction; it will start the Universe's scheming on your behalf. But it's not going to give you the thing that you want.  Because, see, it's never really about the end result.  It's about opening yourself up to possibilities. And you won't ever even see the possibilities while you're standing in your own way, blocking the light, the air, and the energy.  Allow yourself to experience the possible.  Walk towards that which you want - and you will walk toward a thousand doors ready to open on your behalf.  The goal may change.  In fact, you might forget, in the end, what the goal even was. And it doesn't matter.  Because the path is your saving grace; it's your hymn, your mantra.

Awakening the sound of your own soul will make everything easy, because you'll know what's right for you. Check your gut. Follow what you know to be your truth.  I promise you, you will never, ever go wrong. Ever.