follow your own creativity

Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience.    -Masaru Ibuka

You are creative. I know you look at that and think, yeah, right, she doesn't know me.  I don't know your circumstances.  But I do know that you are a creative person.  Because it's something we all have.  You can choose to live your creativity or not live it.  But choosing not to live it does not mean it's not there.  Because it is.

You are an individual essence. No one can create in the exact same way you can.  You are capable of creating absolutely individual experiences, things, or concepts.  You might have to learn a thing or two.  But once you have learned technique, you can plug into your own sense of individuality and create something in your own unique way.

Creativity is like your fingerprint. Whatever you create will be like a snowflake.  It won't be completely replicable. It will evidence of your own style and manner.  Even if there have been a hundred million billion scarves knitted in this world to date, none of them will be exactly like the one you knit. It's just the way it is.  Yours will have your personal fingerprint.  Even if someone tries to tell you, "Why do you bother?  Why don't you just go buy a scarf?  There are a hundred million billion of them out there" , that person is missing the point entirely.

Creativity is renewal. We breathe new life when we create.  We give ideas and concepts that have never existed the chance to manifest.  We provide new opportunity for ourselves to see things from new perspectives.

Follow the beat inside of yourself.  I feel it when I throw a hunk of clay on the wheel or write a chapter or blog post.  Nothing makes me feel the way I do when I am making pottery or when I write.  It's just my form of creativity. I used to put a whole bunch of junk on top of myself - there were always better writers, there were always a million bowls and cups out there nicer than mine, so why bother.  I've decided to thumb my nose at such thoughts and second guessing.  If I want to create, I should.  And I will. And so should you.  Find out what moves you and do that thing.  Make it a habit.  Invite that thing to become a part of your life.

As an innkeeper, I spent years running endlessly during my season, easily working sixty hours a week. I would be completely spent on every level - far too tired to write, or throw pots, or do anything that would make myself feel even a bit human.  I decided to stop that.  Following Leo Babauta's advice. I have reassessed what is important to me.  I am changing my habits, exercising every day, and making time for creativity when it seems there is none.   The exercise is to help me have the energy to do all that I want to, as well as all that I have to.

You don't have to compete with anyone. It's not a contest. In creating, you are fulfilling your own deepest sense of individuality.  How you choose to manifest your creativity is completely up to you.

You expand your comfort zone. You might find yourself stepping gingerly outside of your comfort zone of knowing into the vastness of not knowing.  Step by step, you learn to orient yourself in the unfamiliar, and you spend less time cringing and being afraid and more time being curious about what else there is to learn.  It does not happen overnight, but it does happen and it's a very wonderful thing when it does.

Creativity is love. It's how we give back to the Source. It's acknowledging the good in ourselves and offering it in the physical dimension.  It's love, pure and simple.

Every day that ticks by is one you don't get back.  Make today count.  Go create.

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