Eating Like a King (for Pennies) In Italy Part 2

I have heard of cheap but this is ridiculous.  One kilo of baby zucchini with flowers attached, that would be 2.2 American pounds, for 1 Euro, or $1.40.  I found them at the farmers' market.  We have an area of the market which is strictly dedicated to local farmers who bring their ware.  They do not have to pay any taxes on their income-- they have a special permit and can just bring the things out of their garden, whatever they have, and sell the produce in this one area.  This time of year, going there is such a pleasure!  I am going to try to hit the market after breakfast next Tuesday and bring my camera.  For now, these zucchini photos will have to suffice.

Besides making grilled zucchini, I dipped the flowers in  a batter of flour, milk, egg, salt and pepper, sauteed them in olive oil and made these beautiful snacks for our guests' aperitivo in the evening.
This delicacy, for 4 people, minus the cost of the actual zucchini (which I used for something else) cost me approximately  1 euro, including the olive oil, the eggs and the milk.  And a bit of love and time.  You GOTTA love that!!