DIY From Ugly Duckling to Swan with a little Paint

I had six of them. Six of the ugliest chairs you could imagine.  They were - ehem - brown but the brown stain had worn off long ago, and I had not gotten around around to restaining them.  Partially because I hated the brown to begin with.  They were not bad chairs, as chairs go, but they were ruining the look of everything for me.  Unkempt.  Not in keeping with my aesthetic philosophy.

But chucking six functioning chairs and buying new is definitely not my philosophy.  I am into restoration.  So, one by one, I painted the chairs and the foot rests a stony white, and the transformation is really dramatic.  

So, in the heat, I stayed in the shade, getting very Zen about the art of chair painting, dipping in the pool when I could not focus any more.    The chairs now reflect their Scandinavian roots and add to the overall appearance of things.  Now I am thinking about making some new covers for the chair pads.... but that will be another project for another day.