creativity in sweltering times

Baby, it's hot outside. The temperature here has topped 90 Fahrenheit here every day for the last eight, and the low 100's have not been unusual.  It's all very unseasonable. Even the crickets are too hot to sing at night. Nature is confused.  The vendemmia has already started - way too early - because if they don't start getting the grapes in, this North African heat wave is threatening to make them sizzle to the point that they will start exploding like so many tiny ballons.

We are filled to the brim with guests, and that means lots of activity - wine tours, baking, socializing.  While the weather has been challenging, we have had an überproductive week, one where I can look back and feel a sense of accomplishment.

It started last Sunday when Micha picked peaches at our neighbor's  and brought  them home.  We decided to make jam out of them, since they were at the point of absolute perfection.  At the same time, I put up some whole grain sunflower seed dough for  the next day's breakfast.

On Monday, we made breakfast.... (I'm working on the perfect egg cup and serving dish-lette!)

.... and then afterwards I worked in my pottery studio.  Slowly, the guests stopped by and one of them asked for some special dishes.  I wedged the clay and got started.  I knew I'd only have a week, but decided to try to get the plates done before they would leave.  I threw them on Monday, trimmed them on Tuesday, bique fired them on Thursday, glazed them Friday morning, fired them Friday afternoon.

While I was waiting for the glazed pieces to cool, I finished a mosaic art piece out of rice paper and ceramic.

While all of this was happening, we made a four course dinner on Wednesday for six and Micha did three wine tours with guests.  It was an amazingly productive, amazingly hot week.  But we feel good!

Some of my new pieces will be available this week in my Etsy shop.  For American and Canadian shoppers, contact me through my blog for shipping information.

Happy Weekend, my friends!