Construction: New Roof and Walls

Part one of Part two of last spring construction's project will start this week. The scaffolding went up on Thursday and Friday. The roof will come off of this structure starting tomorrow. It will be rotated 90 degrees, and put back on. In addition the walls will be built out of brick, insulation will be put in, and a dividing wall will be put in the room to divide the area for a bathroom off from the main room.
This part of the project should take 4-5 weeks with a little help from the weather. Part two of Part two would be the completion of the interior of the third guest room, the plastering of the outside of the structure and the finishing of the connecting roof terrace. I will be happy when the exterior of this part is done. It's by far the biggest eyesore of the upper part of the property and the roof was threatening complete collapse.
I, by the way, can be found in the pottery studio madly working on tiles for the bathroom, pottery dishes for guests, and a few new fun projects which I can't stay away from.