Claiming the Energy

Beyond the beauty of the terrain, beyond the exquisite cuisine, and beyond the privacy of our B&B, my guests often mention something to me about this place which has always pleased me yet never surprised me.

They say that this area has really good Energy.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, let's just say I am not a religious person. I have very sharp and developed ideas about the spiritual nature of Life which have come to me over time. I am not only comfortable with my ideas but I sit firmly and happily in the middle of them. One of my credos has always been that the Supreme Power lies in the Science. Meaning that science, extrapolated well beyond the point of our present empirical knowledge, will lead to the Source. I was discussing with a Harvard -- sorry, Yale -- PhD student here at the B&B about this a bit and he reiterated to me that what we actually know as empirical science is nano percent of what there is to know. We are at the beginning of the long path of knowledge.

And it is my contention that at the other end is the Source.

So when people have a sense that this area has a good Energy, they are reaching, as I reach, beyond the limits of our empirical selves into what is beyond -- namely, that there are places to which people are drawn which feel right, although that feeling is not logically explainable. That feeling is the Energy. And that Energy propels us forward.

There are many who believe that Italy is comprised of more old souls than most other countries. That souls come back here, life after life after life, to work in the vineyards and olive groves, because it brings so much soul-satisfaction to do so.

Could this be the Energy which keeps bringing people back to Italy? The Energy of old souls, living happy lives? How many people have been here, and have gone home to tell their friends and neighbors, "Italy is so beautiful -- but it's the people that make me keep going back..."?

Could this be the Energy that keeps Italians from stressing out about not having the newest car, the latest Wii or a media room in the basement? The Energy that makes Italians shake their heads with a smile if you offer them double to work on Ferragosto when they had already planned to be with their friends on a picnic?

Is this the Energy which makes Italians seem happier with so much simpler lives?

Is this the Energy which keeps things here so much as they have always been?

One of my goals for the next weeks and months is to allow myself to be filled up with the Energy which so many sense here.

I should be glowing by Spring!