Buttons and Oak Marbles and Pesto and Francesca

Pesto alla Genovese

oak marbles, oak leaves, rosehips and queen anne's lace
the first results of my ceramic button experiment...

... and a couple of more.
I spend most of my time learning.  
For example, I thought that we had some of the weirdest looking, biggest acorns here in Italy.  It was only after reading this post by Francesca of Fuori Borgo that these things I find on my oak trees are not acorns at all, but rather a type of wasp nest.  They are beautiful, and I am going to start collecting them, as Francesca has been doing for years.
Francesca is also a crochet artist and embroidery artist and food artist and makes the most beautiful things, some of which she sells in her etsy shop .  I had the idea to maybe compliment her work by making some buttons the she could use in her creations.  I have photographed the test buttons here, and know now what I have to change to make them a little more usable. It's a fun little project, and has opened my mind to new ideas and uses for clay.
Now, Francesca did not teach me how to make pesto, I have been doing it myself for years, but she reminded me through her post  that pesto is beautiful and should be made in abundance and photographed.  This week we will harvest our 40 basil plants and freeze enough pesto to enjoy it at least once every couple of weeks in the cold winter months -- bringing memories of summer to our palates. 
So thank you, Francesca, knowing you virtually has enriched my life!   When things calm down, I will make it over my hill, and hopefully you will make it over yours, to meet somewhere in the middle.