Breathe Deeply

I recently found out the sad news that an old friend's mother passed away after a series of health problems that can only be described as tortuous.  This woman had five children, each of whom has had children - she created a beautiful legacy which she left behind way too soon. While this woman's passing was a reprieve from her suffering, this friend is having difficulties with it and is trying to come to a point where he can remember the good, the part before the pain.

I went into my studio the day I learned this news. I thought of this woman now being free from her pain to be able to see what she had created and how each of those creations will effect the world and its destiny.  In my mind's eye, she was free to breathe deeply, lovingly.  I sculpted whatever came to me.  It was emotional because I could feel her presence.
The above photos show the start of a large block of clay which I sculpted into a tile from this energy.  I will finish its surfaces and fire it with the next firing, and decide then how to procede. I think someone will be looking over my shoulder and let me know exactly what to do next.
It's amazing what kind of energy will come to you if you just remain open to it.