attracting creativity

How long has it been since you have felt inspired?

Creativity is tied directly to the things and situations we surround ourselves with.  Life can be exhausting.  And one thing I have found out, the hard way, is that it's really impossible to be inspired when you can't keep your eyes open. When you can't focus on the words of that spiritually uplifting book you just downloaded. When try as you might, the next blog post just won't come, no matter how much you want to make it happen.

But even at those moments when we are the most frenetic and active, we can go behind the scenes to attract creativity.

For example, moments of brilliance often hit me when I am in a position not only to do nothing with the inspiration, but also when I know damn well that I will FORGET my own brilliance within the next five to ten minutes if I don't get it written down.  Hence, a notebook and pen are my constant companions.

Just little notes are necessary.  For example:  bowl - thrown/altered - white raw outside, turquoise and glassy inside. Written on the train to Milano.  It ended up like this:

I have a million notes.  About wood firing ceramics and glaze recipes and ideas for a new painting for the Double Room.  Notes about posts from my favorite blogs.   Notes to keep me pliable, flexible, when I am feeling worn and old and like the least creative person on the planet.

And then I go back to the notes and try to decipher them. Sometimes, this is impossible, because I was too excited when writing the idea and forgot that it would have to be legible later. But those scribbles are  my own private source of inspiration when I'm blocked.

I have food ideas in there, art, gardening, color combinations, people to call, sketches, mind maps.  Breakfast. Alternate room layouts.  You name it, I have it jotted down.

Creativity does not just hit you on the head like a lightening bolt. You have to go out there and fight for it. Claim it.  Risk for it.  Grab your mojo.  Put on your favorite music.  Dance around the room.  And get to work.  Make something happen.  Let creativity in and be your guiding light.