a beautiful certain simplicity

I am happy and very excited to announce this beautiful new blog design and logo for A Certain Simplicity. In the months since taking it into the professional realm, I've felt the longing to give ACS a real identity of its own.  Encouraged by the beautiful minimalist blogging movement, I wanted ACS to be simple but elegant, uncomplicated but not generic.  It was a fine balancing act for which I called on the design expertise of the very lovely ladies at Two Paperdolls Letterpress and Design House in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  After finding out what ACS is all about, they actually came up with such beautiful graphics that the hardest part was making the final choice. This logo is very special to me.  It captures beautifully everything I feel about elegant simplicity.  The confetti around the word "simplicity" reaffirms what I know to be true - that simple is not always that simple - and is a visual that I absolutely identified with as soon as I saw it.

This blog represents a huge part of my life.  It's my creative outlet, it's my ongoing conversation with you, it's my place to go inside of myself and find threads of honesty that might be of value to those that visit.  When I started blogging back in 2006, I didn't have a clue what it would lead to.  All I knew was that it felt good to get some of the thoughts out of my head and into a format where they could be shared immediately.  It was scary but kind of liberating at the same time.  It has become an absolutely essential part of my life and has allowed me to sort out my own feelings about being an expat, about Italy, and about making a life which has turned out to be an individual journey I never could have imagined.  I sometimes start a post not even sure what is going to come out - but by the end, my feelings and emotions have clarified themselves and through talking to you I know a little bit more about myself.  So I thank you for every single comment. I feel such resonance and warmth from you, and this motivates me to go on, delve deeper.  It is truly a great honor for me to be able to connect with you.

I look forward to continue sharing with you this journal of style, warmth, art, simplicity, and international living.  I have many plans for this blog, so please stay tuned!

Again, thank you and welcome to my new beautiful design.

PS: A big shout out to my niece Jessica Staub who introduced me to my blog design team! Thanks, Jess!!