2010: reflections on a well-lived year

The final days of 2010 are here.  It has been a tumultuous year for us here in Italy.  It started with a joyful family moment, and was tempered with grief .  It was at times so busy that I had no idea if I was coming or going. We took on a massive renovation project of  restoring an old structure which added a guest room and finished it hours before the first guests checked in for the season.  I've taken blogging  into a professional format and have put myself in the position of  the student.  I have created, written about the process, and have put myself in the position of the creative teacher. We ran the bed and breakfast at almost full capacity. We cooked, we polished, we scrubbed, we washed, we hung laundry.    We worked very hard this past year and processed many, many emotions.   We have stayed on the path of simplifying our lives. I have met new friends that have helped me on my way and have helped me understand what's important. I have learned to improve my writing, had returning guests, met artist friends and fellow bloggers in person, and have stayed in touch with creative talent who I have met as guests in prior years.

I can look back and be pleased at the year that we have had, what we have accomplished and learned.  Big events are in store for us in 2011.

I will continue writing and creating, and bringing both to the next level.   I will stay on the path of cooking wholesome foods, minimizing unnecessary clutter and simplifying our daily lives.  If I have learned one thing, it's that less is definitely more.  And that in order to maximize the  possibilities before us, we need clarity both in our physical and psychological spaces.

I'll be taking a digital sabbatical alà Tammy Strobel for Christmas and will be back after the first of the year.   Please be kind to yourselves, enjoy precious moments with family and friends,  take stock of the year you had and relax a bit in preparation for the year you are going to live.  I look forward to all of the sharing and caring we will have in 2011.

Blessings to you, each and every one.