The medieval history of Italian artisan craft is rooted in Umbria.

Umbria has an artisan tradition next to none in Italy. Artisans thrived in Umbrian cities during the Middle Ages, when their wares were customized for regional kings and Papal authorities. This long, rich history, colored by war, excess, famine and strife, is still evident today as one walks through the cobblestone streets of places like Perugia, Gubbio, and Assisi.

Letitzia, a native of Perugia and a person extremely knowledgeable about Umbrian history, has found some of the most wonderful artisan craftspeople. People who have family history in crafts dating back decades and centuries. People who are kind, humble, and so willing to share the treasure of their craft with us,


We’ll see 17th century pottery kilns that are still fired. Historic looms used to create magnificent tapestries of silk and linen. Glass makers producing the most incredible pieces. We’ll spend time with the latest generation of skilled artisans upholding the beautiful tradition of craft in Umbria.