Ceramic Designer

I’m a ceramic designer specializing in organic stoneware. The glazes are original formulas, developed over the years in my studio. In my designs, you can see the “hand” of the maker and a fluidity that’s neither forced or added afterwards. Every piece is hand made and hand glazed using techniques potters have used over the millenium. My studios are located in the Black Forest of southern Germany and the wine region of Piemonte, Italy. I ship worldwide.

Website Designer

I’ve been using Squarespace for my own site since 2014 and believe it to be the most beautiful and elegant website design platform. Over the past year I’ve been approached to design beautiful websites for great projects. Now I’m happy to offer my services as a web designer and branding consultant to you.

I find that with every passing year my work becomes clearer to me. Now it’s 2019 and I’m making more pots, creating more wall art and writing more than ever. I look forward to spring. I love making my home more and more reflective of how I want to live my life. With 60, I finally feel completely at home in my own body, my own personality, my own soul. I’m grateful to have made it this far. With so much chaotic energy in the world, I love the reality of my own world, which is steeped in nature and love.

My technical side is satisfied through creating beautiful websites for clients or calculating new glaze formulas; my artistic side finds peace with numerous pottery and art projects in different countries. My soul is full of light when I dig my hands in dirt, or clay, nurturing and teasing until flowers, fruit, vegetables or a vessel comes into being. Or when I wash walls with natural lime paints, or when I create new interior spaces where there once was nothing. Or take a client’s life work and create an online conduit of who they really are. For me, it’s all beautiful work and I am very gratified to be able to live this amazing life.



Penn State, BS Business (Marketing/Economics)

A decade in the commercial and residential interior design  & construction business (USA)


7 years as a language consultant for business executives (Hamburg, Germany)


5 year education in stoneware and glazes,  Keramik Art Studio  (Meisterschule), Hamburg, Germany


2 years private ceramic studio with exhibitions, Hamburg, Germany


10 year restoration of a 1670 stone farmhouse with outbuildings, Acqui Terme, Italy


8 years as an innkeeper, ceramic artist and cooking instructor, Acqui Terme, Italy

creative retreat planner and host

creative coaching and mentoring 


Author, True Vines, Gemelli Press, 2012



web designer, potter, artist, lifestyle specialist, author